Monday, 14 April 2008

The Leader Speaks

In her latest Leader`s Report Cllr Jenny Dawe has given "Caltongate" its own category. Its funny how things can change in time, Ms Dawe is perhaps referring to herself saying "The images were just grotesque and hideous" back in May 2007 when she says in March 2008 " Clearly, people have their own opinions and they have taken the opportunity to express them very eloquently"

Leaders Report Here
from the report - 5. Caltongate

Much has been written about the proposed development at Caltongate. Clearly, people have their own opinions and they have taken the opportunity to express them very eloquently. Whatever your view of the outcome, what has been reinforced to me is the extraordinary amount of work required of both Planning officials and Committee members in understanding and processing such major development proposals. Quite rightly, members of the Planning Committee are very protective of their independence from the party political process and, in that spirit, I should like to thank everyone involved in the complex process of taking the proposals through the Committee stage. I await with interest the final determination by Scottish Ministers.

But remember this from May 2007, when Leader Dawe was newly elected?

Cllr Dawe said: "I'm not anti-development at all. However, I do believe that any development must respect the heritage of the city. Malcolm Fraser is a very well known and respected architect and I was astounded to discover he was behind those images which appeared in the Evening News last week. The images were just grotesque and hideous. "I would've expected someone of his reputation to produce something a bit more sympathetic to its surroundings, but they were pretty gross."

(Her planning committee took less than 10 minutes to pass this building at the committee on the 6th February, people could not believe their ears or eyes when witnessing this contempt for the city and its people by this table of people having a laugh about how they were all adults and wanted to get home for their tea, it wasn`t even past 7pm, on a scheme so important and large, they could not be bothered. Cllr Rob Munn SNP for Nrth Edin and Leith, who hardly contributed all day became very vocal on the subject of getting home)

Cllr Dawe also raised concerns about the approach of developers Mountgrange, Full Article Here
What she said the day Caltongate was passed including this -

"The Caltongate development is an important regeneration project for the city centre.