This is the Newsletter from the Tripping Up Trump campaign -

There is only 10 days left until the 1st of October which is an extremely important day because it is the day the council will decide on how they are going to deal with the issue of compulsory purchase orders (CPO). Tripping Up Trump has grown rapidly this week , more and more people are becoming unsettled about Trump’s aggressive tactics. If Trump’s request to use CPO’s is granted it will set a dangerous precedent, this is not for a hospital or a school but for the private interest of an exclusive golf course and housing development. We all need to try our very best to be in there on the Big Day and stand up for the families affected. Please mark the date in your diary and please make a special effort to be there on the 1st of October, because if this power is granted then no-one's home is safe.

Weekly News

This week Trump publicly displayed the plans for his development but still failed to adequately address the issue of the unjust Compulsory Purchase Orders. Residents are getting more and more concerned about the issue and have called for clear dialogue on the matter. Click link above for latest news.

How you can help

October the 1st

We are calling for your support and would ask if you could come and join us on the 1st of October. It is vital that there is a strong support for the councillors that are brave enough to stand up to Trump. This will be a pivotal point in this campaign and if we all gather together for this one occasion then we have the chance of helping to deliver justice to the families and residents threatened.

Wherever you are please come and join us on this eventful day. Organise others to come and inform as many people as possible about the occasion. We need the thousands of Tripping Up Trump members to rally together on this one. Thank you.

We have accommodation available the night before if anyone would like it.
“We would be extremely grateful if you could come and support us on this very important day." David Milne (Local Resident)


Please sign our petition to stop the council using Compulsory Purchase. We are approaching 6,000 signatures so thank you all for your help. We will deliver it to the council on the 1st.

Write to the councillors

Please show your concern and support to the residents by emailing the councillors that will have to vote on the 1st.

Spread the word

Thousands of people have joined the campaign but please keep spreading the word. The website is constantly being updated so it is always good to point people in that direction.

Upcoming Events

Tripping Up Trump Gig (Sept 25th)

Local musicians and poets will perform their work at the Blue lamp Pub in Aberdeen on the 25th. All the work has been inspired by the controversial development. Should be a fantastic night and starts at 7.00pm.

Menie Tour (Sept 27th)

Local residents will be giving a tour of the dunes and the properties that are under threat. It will be a unique opportunity to hear the story of the families affected and get some real insight into how Donald Trump is using aggressive tactics to try and get this way.

Please email for more info.

Thank you all again for your support and keep spreading the word because this is a pivotal campaign for human and environmental rights.

Let’s make it happen on October the 1st!

TUT Team