Tuesday, 10 June 2008

SOOT and Community Land Partnerships

On Wednesday 11th June as part of The Canongate Project from 6pm - 7pm there is an opportunity to catch up with members of The Save Our Old Town Campaign.

Then at 7pm there is a talk/discussion with Chris Cook on Community Land Partnerships. Both events are at 8 St Mary`s Street just off the Royal Mile.
Here is a bit of background on CLPs which will prove to be a thought provoking look at land, ownership and development -

Sustainable Development
Existing modes of development encourage, even mandate, sociopathic behaviour on the part of property developers. Land is acquired and developed with borrowed money secured by a mortgage on the property. The developer is motivated to develop as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible with no real regard for the long-term consequences in terms of the energy efficiency and ‘liveability’ of the project beyond that which he is mandated to provide.

The Conmmunity Land Partnership model is entirely different. The developer does not buy and sell the land but instead acquires shares in the revenues which will flow over time from its successful and sustainable development and operation. The more energy efficient the development, and the better the quality, the less money is necessary to pay for repairs and for heating and the higher the rental value will therefore be. See info here on CLP