Saturday, 26 July 2008

Good News For Shoreditch

Built in 1893, this former power station is an historic landmark. It is the first building that you see in Hackney when you approach from the City and as such it separates two very different areas. A 53 storey tower block is proposed – threatening 233 Shoreditch High Street with demolition

Well at least in Hackney councillors have a bit of balls to stand up for their constituents and not to always go with big business and their city planners Planners back Demolitions well for the moment anyway -

Remember our councillors with their snouts in the trough

Caltongate Decision 6th Feb 2008

OPEN’s campaign to Save Shoreditch from invasion by City office towers won an important victory at Hackney Town Hall on Thursday evening when objectors persuaded Planning Committee members not to approve the 51-storey Bishops Place tower block in south Shoreditch.Open Shoreditch Blog

Save The Light Campaign

Matt Johson of band The The is a member of the campaign Save Shoreditch in London and the voiceover for their excellent campaign Video Here