Sunday, 10 August 2008

Still no letters to tell us about the Great Council Caltongate Cock Up

Harry Potter's magic letters

Many of us were sort of expecting a magical letter to come through the post, there are hundreds of objectors out there waiting to be told what the Great Council Caltongate Cock Up means to them but despite the Evening News tantalising us on Thursday promising letters nothing has came. They can't blame the post as many of us live right next to the Planning Department at Waverley Court they could have popped them through many of our letter boxes or even put an announcement in the Evening News rather that an ominous article on Thursday Evening News.

How can the council cock this up? Is it incompetence? Could be! Is it because they are chaotic? Probably. The councillors and council officials have proven time and time again they are not the correct custodians for our city. It is a great insult after three years of campaigning, arguing, sweat and tears to be told via the Evening News "oops we've made a little mistake". They have lost their faculties rather than make a little mistake. Mountgrange will be sweating and swearing because in this economic climate any wobble is a bad wobble and every minute counts - they don't have the money in a piggy bank marked Caltongate they need to raise the money - Caltongate like so many developments will probably be shelved.

So if anyone sees one of these mythical letters as rare as a letter from Hogwarts please let the Republic know.