Monday, 3 November 2008

Obama says Yes to Canongate - No to Caltongate!

Obama Barack chose the Canongate, he really did - he choose to have Canongate Books publish his book, - Dreams From My Father. Out of all the publishing companies in the world he chose to come to the Canongate, he recognised the unique qualities of the Canongate, its outstanding universal value in the World Heritage Site. Not only that but the campaign in Scotland for Obama Barack was based in the Canongate.

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A little birdie also has told us that should Obama be elected as President he wants to visit the Canongate.

Obama today when asked about the Canongate said " I sure wanna see that Canongate, that has been so supportive to me........I hear that ruthless developers wanna destroy that beautiful Canongate and replace it with an American style mall. Malls are a good idea for America but ain't a good idea because a shopping mall in a World Heritage Site doesn't seem a good idea to me."