Thursday, 25 June 2009

Movie making in Edinburgh

Pave Paradise and put up a parking lot

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is on at the moment.

In today`s Scotsman Local Hero director Bill Forsyth

"the Scottish film-maker said yesterday he would happily write a film about the "machinations and cynicism" he saw behind the project."

" Speaking during a visit to the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the director said: "Donald Trump gets off a plane and wanders off to a Scottish beach, declares how beautiful it is and wants to destroy it."

Remember we told you back in April 2008 that we had been approached about a film
What we said -

"Its an exciting time here in the Canongate. The campaign has been approached by a world famous film director who is setting their next film here in Scotland. Its caught their attention that Scotland, although it has its first SNP led government and has its eyes on independence, all is not well across the country.

All we are allowed to say at present is that the Save Our Old Town Campaign and the battle against Trump will be the main story lines. Other campaigns around the country will feature too.
It will be a 21st century Local Hero , but harder hitting with the power of big business, corruption in local and national politics and the Scottish people fighting for their rightful inheritance among the themes watch this space...."

Things are progressing .....