Friday, 25 September 2009

Malcolm "award winning hypocrite" Fraser

You can imagine our surprise when we read that one of Caltongate's architects, Malcolm Fraser is hitting out at his own inconstistency in approaching green building.....

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headline -
Malcolm Fraser hits out at his inconsistent approach to "green building"

Then we read again and he was hitting out generally at green building approaches, which he must feel has nothing to do with him.

"Particular scorn was reserved for the practice of demolishing existing buildings, often justified by touting the sustainable credentials in their replacements, but this was rubbished by Fraser who said: “the idea that you take a 100 year old building, cowp it in a landfill site replace it with cardboard and that will save the planet is extraordinary”.
Oh, the cheek of the man....does he think people have short memories...

you were all for knocking down this 100 year old building and putting it in a cowp!

Canongate Venture to be demolished for conference centre

remember this green building he was going to dump on the the world ?

Remember the buildings he was supporting the demolition of and the views he wanted to ruin? see here

Perhaps if Mr Fraser admitted his past intentions and ate a piece of humble pie, perhaps people would believe his words he so freely spouts nowadays, now that the hey day of anything can be demolished in the name of economic benefit is over and attending developer's champagne receptions..