Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Another Application Rubber Stamped

Today the "revised" Macrae Tenements Application goes before the Development Management Sub-Committee of the Planning Committee Wednesday, 5 March 2008 at 10.00 a.m.

Well there is no point in making comments to this committee, as they do not listen. But at the Public Inquiry they will.

Full Planning Application
New Street I 221 -223 Canongate (land adjacent to - PA4A) - Erect
buildings for residential and business (Class 4) and/or community
facility, retail (Classl) and/or food and drink (Class 3) purposes.
Podium structure (including ground source heating and cooling
system), car parking, access, open space and landscaping including
public square and pend / arcade route off Canongate, works to south
end of New Street, and associated works (07/044OO/FUL) - report by
the Director of City Development (circulated)
It is recommended that this application be GRANTED.
221 - 225 Canongate - Demolish buildings with part retained facade
(as amended) (07/01299/CON) - report by the Director of City
Development (circulated)

It is recommended that the Sub-committee NOTE THAT CONSENT IS

Our campaign today is in Newham , London, Friends of Queens Market

Queen's Market, Upton Park is a thriving and profitable covered street market. Situated in the East End it has been in existence for over a century and is the heart of a vibrant community that draws in people from across London and beyond. Famed for its affordable and culturally appropriate produce, it is much more than just a market, it is a living information exchange and a communal space. Queen's Market is an important centre of employment as well as bringing millions of pounds into the local economy. It exudes entrepreneurial spirit, tolerance and good humour. Little wonder then that Londoners love it. Sadly, it is now under direct threat due to the arrogance and irresponsibility of Newham Council.

The campaigners have a constructive vision of the future of the market, one that sees a full appreciation of its unique character and that makes the most of its potential. Such has been the success of their campaign that Asda-WalMart have pulled out of the hugely controversial Wales/St Modwen scheme. Their campaign is growing all the time and they are determined to expand it to save Queen's Market and the Queens' pub from the rapacious clutches of property developer - St. Modwen Properties Plc