Monday, 3 March 2008

Community Action Meetings


The campaigns` parent organisation the Canongate Community Forum (CCF) was successful in receiving an award from the Scottish Community Action Research Fund (SCARF) at the end of last year.

Now the CCF is pleased to announce that premises have finally been secured from the council, to run a drop-in ideas shop from, as well as workshops and events.

The Community Research will begin in April and run for around 4 – 6 weeks, with the shop being open daily and used to host events and workshops.

People of all ages are encouraged to get involved whether they live, work or have an interest in the Canongate and Edinburgh's Old Town.

Most importantly the research is designed, undertaken and owned by YOU, the community. This will allow the community to demonstrate what their needs and aspirations are, with a view to finding a more appropriate way forward which is truly inclusive of the community’s ideas.

Looking at what is good in the area, its downsides, what is missing, what could be improved can all be explored. Alternatives to developer led regeneration? What does Edinburgh’s World Heritage status means to you, the city, the area, your home?

You are welcome to do what it is you are interested in and comfortable doing, although it is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and discover talents you didn't know you had. All input is voluntary although expenses will be covered where appropriate. The shop itself will need staffed, welcoming folk, helping with displays, general admin, publicity, leaflets, posters, press, radio, TV, the web, information gathering, networking, on street surveys, etc filming, photography, writing and documenting process and findings, helping out with events and workshops..

An initial planning meeting to decide the details of what will be included in the research is to be held on Tuesday the 4th March 7- 9pm in the shop at 8 St Marys Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SU ...which is just off the Canongate.

A further ideas day will be held on Sunday 16th March from 12.30pm to 5pm in the shop at 8 St Marys Street. People are free to drop in at any time throughout the day, share their ideas and enjoy a bowl of soup.

So come along, tell others and share your ideas on what you would like to see forming part of the research.

Information, including dates and events will be displayed on the windows of the shop itself in St Mary’s Street, other shops, community places as well as on EH8 and here on the blogspot.

To get involved just pop along to the shop, or email

The SOOT Shop is at 8 St Marys Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SU ...which is just off the Canongate.

We are pleased to announce the next SOOT Fundraising night is on Friday 14th March at 8.00pm in The Canons Gait’s Cellar Bar, 232 Canongate, The Royal Mile.

Acts so far include Missing Cat, Dave McGinty, Andrew Gordon and Sabai