Sunday, 11 May 2008

Scottish Ministers have deferred the decision on Caltongate

For those of you who keep asking "so it that it over? What's happening now?" It isn't over and we are waiting for Scottish Ministers to decide about Caltongate and a possible Public Enquiry into the whole decision making and sell off of public and common good land. The Evening News reported last week that Scottish Ministers have extended the time to make a decision about Caltongate, read more about it here

There was also some news on the decision for Edinburgh Zoo to sell off land it owns on Corstorphine Hill to developers to build luxury homes. Corstorphine are having a local enquiry. Read more about it here

And finally Portobello has a new Masterplan that does not include a supermarket or a five storey new complex on the Promenade after extensive community consultation. The council can do it when they want to, read about the story here