Thursday, 1 May 2008

Waiting on Mr Chande

The letter below appears in todays Evening News Letters pages, it was in response to a blatant piece of propoganda by developers Mountgrange`s boss Manish Chande which was entitled "King of Caltongate heads for victory"

Well, here in the Independent Republic, this had us laughing out loud, "KING" so he wants to rule people? only problem is the place he wants to rule does not even exist!!! Well, in his mind perhaps. And "Victory"? who has he been at war with?

We await Mr Chandes`s retraction of the defamatory statement in the article, the rest of the article should be retracted too....but this statement is the one that requires immediate action.

Letter -- The Evening News has chosen the title

"Pointing the finger of blame at Davies"

I WAS very disappointed to read your article entitled " King of Caltongate heads for victory" in your paper on April 29. I found the entire piece highly misleading and insulting.

The inaccurate telling of events at the 2006 Christmas party hosted by Mountgrange where myself and others from age two to 72 were singing Christmas carols as guests entered the party, requires urgent attention.

Manish Chande said in the article: "The convener was coming in when someone hurled some abuse at his wife, and like any husband, he reacted. Maybe he shouldn't have but he's a human being and that's human nature."I had my two-year-old daughter Lily in my arms when the then planning convener Trevor Davies arrived with his wife. As we were singing a carol, Trevor Davies turned around, and appearing vexed stuck his middle finger up at Lily, myself and our neighbour; his wife looked embarrassed, quickly grabbed her husband by the jacket and pulled him in to the reception.

The incident was reported to Standards Commission and the following is an excerpt from their findings:"In the absence of a denial by the respondent of the complainants' specific description of his reaction and his admission to having made a small gesture I was inclined to the belief that the complainants' version of events more accurately described the respondent's reaction."

I now request that Manish Chande publicly apologise and retract this defamatory comment at the earliest opportunity.
Sally Richardson,
Secretary of The Canongate Community Forum,