Monday, 8 December 2008

McCall Smith going LoCo over SoCo

"Plans for a £40 million hotel in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town have been attacked for destroying the “rhythm and elegance” of the city centre by the novelist Alexander McCall Smith and Sir Timothy Clifford, the former director general of the National Galleries of Scotland. "

So another Old Town site that Allan Murray has on his to do list is causing a stir in the toon. see Times today

So perhaps Alexander MacCall Smith will get in touch with the ladies of the Save Our Old Town No.1 Detective Agency and together ..... Edinburgh could move closer to achieving the best new additions to her heritage and the best for the people who live in the city, who we believe are called residents, the communtiy, stakeholders, voters, but are probably called other names by the powers that be.

"In a letter to The Times, Mr McCall Smith and Sir Timothy join six other eminent figures in deriding the plans for SoCo, a hotel which has been designed to rise from the Cowgate on to South Bridge in Edinburgh, on a site destroyed by fire in 2002. "

"The authors of the letter - including Alexander Stoddart, the sculptor, Douglas Rae, the film producer, and Professor Richard Demarco - describe the aftermath of the fire as the perfect opportunity to restore the symmetry of South Bridge, which was planned by Scotland's pre-eminent architect, Robert Adam, but completed by Robert Kay, in 1786. "