Thursday, 11 December 2008

Vote for Caltongate!

Our friends in the wonderful world of architecture are giving out awards, nothing new there then, we hear you say, but alas its not the back slapping ones....

Get voting.....if you need motivating then look who is number 2 in the most influential people in the world of building design ! God help us! The POWER 100 List

The Carbuncle Awards 2009

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The Plook On The Plinth Award

This award is for the most dismal town in Scotland. This year it is Coatbridge Town Centre - do you know if there is anywhere worse? Past winners include Cumbernauld and Airdrie. If you wish to nominate towns for the most dismal place award this is the criteria you should bear in mind. What sets the Carbuncles apart is that it is not about punishing towns that are ugly through no fault of their own. For any nomination there should be evidence of:
• Unexploited potential• A lack of vision and ambition by powers that be• Examples of how things are being mis-managed

The Pock Mark Award

This delightfully entitled award is for the worst planning decision. This year is Springfield Quay in Glasgow - but there are others. Have your say now by niminating below.
The criteria you should bear in mind when considering nominations include:
• The project must not yet be built – hopefully this award might at least slow the process down!• It must have a negative impact on the environment• It must fail to fill people with joy and optimism

The Zit Building Award

This award is for the worst building. Previous winners include the Glasgow Maternity Hospital at the Royal Infirmary. The criteria again requires you to use a bit of imagination.
• The building must be less than three years old• It must be perceived as a missed opportunity• You must hate the thought of having to pass or see it every day