Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Its official, Edinburgh Council are Vandals

The Republic received this letter on what seems to be a premeditated act of in the course of many.... "Having upset a lot of people by cutting down many of the trees in the Grassmarket, the Council’s wood butchers have now turned their attention to Kings Stables Rd.

In the last 2 days a pleasant green outlook from the tenements has been turned into what looks like a first World War battlefield. Practically every tree and shrub on the slope up to Johnston Terrace has been cut to the ground; the few remaining left like telegraph poles.

Does the Council arrogantly assume that locals did not value their view onto trees and bushes, not to mention the rabbits and the birds, including blackbirds which used to sing as dusk fell? Could they not have asked us before wreaking this devastation? Were the trees threatening anyone? What is the reason for this vandalism?

The tenements in the street back onto a yard owned by the Council so we have no back greens of our own. The pleasant view we had over the trees to the Castle was some recompense – but now that has been taken away from us."

Jim Johnson King Stables Road Grassmarket Edinburgh

This article Anger as Trees Cut Down appears today which sadly only tells us what has been lost, what have we gained? Nothing....but perhaps someone somewhere has gained from this act of vandalism..and it won`t be long until this becomes known.

The 2nd person to comment on the article online has asked this question "Or is it something to do with the proposed redevelopment of King's Stables Road and Argyle House?"

Another Allan Murray development???!!!!!!!!!!

Now why would the council order the act of vandalism when this exists in Johnston Terrace Johnston Terrace Wildlife Reserve ? and see more at Gardens of Scotland?

For the history on the reserve see Geddes and Johnston Terrace Patrick Geddes