Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Great Calton & Gate Swindle

Caltongate The Movie


"The Developers"

Manish "Its a 5 star hotel or nothing" Chande


Martin "The Silent One" Myers

"The Cooncil"

Jenny ""Its grotesque and hideous, lets approve it" Dawe present city leader

Jim "laugh a minute" Lowrie present planning convenor

Donald " How I made Edinburgh"" Anderson, former City Leader, now Director of Mountgrange`s PR firm PPS Group Scotland

Trevor " the finger " Davies, former planning convenor

"The Architects"

Malcolm "heritage bodies are toxic " Fraser

co starrring

Spin Doctor
Mark "Never Beaten PR" Cummings

Ron "rent a gob" Hewitt, Head of Chamber of Commerce

Historic Scotland

Architecture Design Scotland

to be continued.................