Sunday, 9 August 2009

Kashgar's endager Old Town

Was reading the Guardian yesterday ad found this interesting article about the Old Town of Kashgar in China. About to be wiped out by a £300 million development. Where have we heard that before? £300 million to destroy the heritage on an Old Town. Kashgar is an old ancient city on the Silk Road from China to the West- you would find it to the very west of China, north of Tibet. Here lives China's Uighur population, the majority who are Muslims.

The Kashgar streets were used in the film Kite Runner to depict the streets of 70s Kabul.

Whilst the article is interesting my beef with it is not about preserving the Old Town of Kashgar for the Uigur people and for its historical contribution but so tourists can go see it.

Unfortunately the people of Kashgar probably won't be able to set up a Save Our Old Town campaign as such a campaign would probably banned in China.

To view a video about Kashgar the link is here

To read the article in the Guardian the link is here