Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Bye Bye Mountgrange

Lots of news about the Caltongate site!!! Hardly news really, but Mountgrange have decided not to return to the Waverley valley that they helped "uglify" by being the catalyst to emptying out the council homes and Canongate Venture and worst still knocking down the bus garage to create a gap site.

Oh and we are getting a Tsar for the World Heritage Site, what we actrually need is the planners and officials to follow their own policies and guidelines and take a common sense approach.

Capital to get tsar for world heritage site
Edinburgh Evening News - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Unesco called for reviews into two controversial schemes that had previously been approved – Haymarket and Caltongate, which includes a 17-storey hotel. ...
Ex-Caltongate owner officially rules out developing on site
Scotsman - Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
By MICHAEL BLACKLEY THE former owner of Caltongate has formally dropped its interest in the site – but insisted it still wants to invest in Edinburgh. ...