Thursday, 15 January 2009

Caltongate Rent Scandal

Caltongate King rents 8 council flats as he admits that he can`t afford to build his own luxury ones yet....
In these uncertain economic times when there are nearly half a million bids for 2700 council homes in the capital, Save Our Old Town campaigners are demanding answers to the social injustices being committed by the council and their partner in Caltongate, London property developers Mountgrange. Campaigner Catriona Grant finally received an answer (see attachment) to a FOI to the City of Edinburgh Council which was lodged in October 2008, almost 3 months later on Friday 9th January. FOI

The answer that Mountgrange are renting these 8 flats now lying empty in this the year of Homecoming, is a slap in the face for those in Edinburgh in desperate need of a home. The descendants of past clearances are being asked to return while our own council is clearing our homes for a rich man`s benefit!
Last week a Norwich council chief was sacked for clearing out old age pensioners from their homes and putting herself, her lover and her pals in.
In last weeks Sunday Herald it was reported that Mountgrange admitted there is no cash secured to build the residential part of the Caltongate scheme, does this mean our council homes are going to be filled with Mountgrange Millionaires and their pals?

Today the Evening News printed this -