Thursday, 5 August 2010

Edinburgh Council gives up on Caltongate

Evil caltongate, the wet dream of developers

After the community campaigned for years saying that the Caltongate was the wrong development.  The council have admitted defeat!  They have cancelled the land sales and giving back deposits.  You can read more on the Independent republic of the Canongate  about the history of the Save Our Old Town campaign.

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The reality is that charlatan developers scammed £70 million from HBOS and convinced the council to give their dystopia planning permission which meant knocking down listed building, chucking out tenants from the business properies and homes and demolishing the bus garage that was on the site causing the gap site.

You can read more on the Guardian's local blog here 

Local people have set up a Community Development Trust in order to deal with this issue because we predicted this would happen hopefully we can get to work bringing back the blighted area into a vibrant place to be, the Waverley Valley deserves this

The gap site left behind by developers who were given permission to demolish buildings, they walk away owing the bank £70 million and we get left with a hole in the ground