Thursday, 16 September 2010

Good bye Priscilla

Priscilla's last flight (as an air steward)

Sadly on Wednesday 8th September, our dear friend Priscilla Heaton Armstrong died in a hospice.  Priscilla was a Director and founder of the Edinburgh Old Town Development Trust.  She was the Treasurer of Save Our Old Town, Secretary of the Blackfriars Residents Association and member of the Old Town Community Council.

She was dedicated to the Old Town and took representing the residents and neighbours seriously.

Her humour and kindness will always be remembered, she was a wonderful host and always friendly and cared very deeply about her friends, family and neighbours.

Priscilla lead a full life as a rare breeds farmer, a land lady, a hotelier and as a British Airways Air Steward.  She travelled the world and had many wonderful stories.

Priscilla will be sorely missed.  However she will always be remembered in the flowers, plants and trees of Coiynie House Close.  Our heart felt condolences go to Priscilla's family and friends.

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