Thursday, 29 January 2009

Allan Murray`s Plook & Old Town Goes Toy Town

Its official Allan"Edinburgh is all Mine" Murray grew up in a plook of a town, and the folk who reckon he is rebuilding Edinburgh to look like his childhood town,
may just have hit the plook on the head!

Today in the Eve News there is a story of someone who wants to bring a Noddy Train to The Old Town??

This is what very our own Mr Plod of Toy Town`s Planning committee has said on the Noddy Train idea- but he would say that wouldn`t he!

" Southside councillor Cameron Rose said: "This is quite different to what we currently have in Edinburgh so it is worth considering."The traffic implications will have to be carefully considered, but it does present an interesting option for growing tourism in the city, particular in areas outwith the city centre."

Yes, Mr Plod all you can think about is growing tourism, well believe it or not, there are people still alive hereand who are not on their holidays.
Perhaps you should think about the train you are riding on at the moment, ah yes that smelly brown one and ask yourself this? Is Edinburgh first and foremost for her residents or is it for tourists only , to ride about on a toy train whilst elderly/disabled residents cannot even access doctors, shops by public transport in The Old Town. Do we want a toy town where residents are a thing of the past? I know what our Glenrothes Plook would say to that...