Sunday, 11 January 2009

Mountgrange say no funding in place for Caltongate

latest Mountgrange publicity photo

"A spokesman for the Caltongate development said that it might be harder to raise funding for the residential element of the project in the current climate. "

This appears in todays Sunday Herald in which it tells -

"THE £50 million extension to Dundee's premier shopping centre faces delays of up to three years as the economic crisis takes its toll on retailers."

Oops do Mountgrange really think they can get away with knocking down our homes and heritage to build a 5 star hotel for dwindling wealthy tourist numbers and offices for non existent businesses? No we don`t think so either, they just want to knock it all down and sell the land on when economy picks up. So yes, we would have a gap site for over a decade if this was to be allowed to happen.