Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Future?

What does the future hold now that Mountgrange Capital has gone into administration? A new company with Manish at the helm once again? Check out The Times Rich List 2008 where you will see that Caltongate Developer Manish Chande is at 1118 with a personal fortune of £70m, so we doubt he will be shopping in Lidls anytime soon......just because one of his companies owes £70m?? One such company here (have a sick bag handy for the pics)
For the other couple of dozen or so go here and enter Mountgrange in search box

Catch up on the news with links below - and remember to come along next Wednesday evening to get involved in sustainable future at a Special "No Fools Allowed" SOOT meeting 7pm Old Saint Pauls Church Hall, Jeffrey Street on the 1st April

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