Saturday, 28 March 2009

Oh you with the inflated ego

The following poem is dedicated to many involved in Caltongate and generally in the recent age of greed that is coming to a sticky end. But then every empire has its rise and fall...surely we can learn from our mistakes and starting living in the age of need not greed.

This poem will sadly most probably go over the heads of those who it so aptly applies.

Oh You With The Inflated Ego

Oh you with the inflated ego you feel that you are a true great

An aura of great self importance about yourself you try to create

Your head it seems to keep expanding with conceit you do seem overfull
You do like the sound of your own voice though you do talk a whole lot of bull

You have won for yourself a few admirers though you cannot count me as a fan

There's little that grate on my nerves more than the voice of a loudmouthed man
Oh you with the inflated ego about you it cannot be said

That you are lacking in self confidence or your ego needs to be fed

Your ego tells you how great you are though our egos to us often lie
And your three most important people will always be me, myself and i
You like to boast to other people of your wonderful job and new car

But somehow you cannot convince me of how marvellous a fellow you are

You feel that you are extra special but then your type of person not rare

For the disease that's known as swollen ego is now to be found everywhere.

by Francis Duggan

There is another chance to see the drama NEW TOWN this Thursday, that was shown in February.

Thursday 2nd April, 21:00 on BBC Four
Drama set in Edinburgh's New Town area. Starry architects Purves and Pekkala are offered the chance to redesign a Georgian church, but when the head of Scottish Heritage falls from the church tower in a mysterious accident, it becomes a question of whether he fell or was pushed.

The drama Old Town is still unfolding here in Edinburgh, so come along to A special "NO FOOLS ADMITTED" SOOT meeting on the 1st April 2009 at 7pm in Old Saint Pauls Church Hall, Jeffrey St. Finding Old Saint Pauls