Monday, 27 April 2009

Help keep 11 properties for the nation.

One of the at risk properties - Haddo House, originally designed by William Adam in 1732

Our blog here in the republic is proving a popular friend for those in need. Today`s cry for help is from concerned members of the National Trust for Scotland.
In Trust for Scotland has been formed to organise National Trust for Scotland members’ opposition to the lack of consultation about proposed closures of eleven properties held “in trust for the nation”.

The Board and Council of the NTS have shown blatant disrespect to donors, volunteer supporters and employees by failing to consult them about solutions to the deep and sudden financial crisis

To avoid a ‘fait accompli’ at September’s AGM an Extraordinary General Meeting should be called before the Board and Council causes any more harm to the NTS.

They need 2,000 signatures to call an EGM

Their website is and they are on facebook