Sunday, 26 April 2009

Holiday Home Hell

One of the images from the Edinburgh International Festival brochure this year...showing drunks urinating on Greyfriars Bobby

Help improve the lives of those living in the city centre, by calling on the Scottish Government to make landlords of "Holiday Lets" comply with legislation, none at present. Its a start in the right direction for now.

From an article last week Evening News

"The Scottish Government has changed its mind on a crackdown on "party flats" after pleas from residents plagued by revellers who come to the Capital for stag and hen weekends.Neighbours demanded action, claiming their lives have been made a misery by groups of up to 25 people staying in one flat and causing noise, disturbance and antisocial behaviour."

from another piece from 3o March 09 "another neighbour in Grove Street, who asked not to be named, said one of the flats in the street was let out to stag and hen parties for about £600 a night. He said: "For the last three years, every Friday and Saturday it is stuffed with 14 or 16 people who urinate in the stairwell and cause a disturbance. They have been sold the deal as a stag or hen party and they are out to have fun."

"And because it's not an official HMO or a B&B, it falls between two stools and the landlord is not subject to any legislation. He is essentially above the law.

Many of our homes in the republic have been turned into holiday flats...making our lives as families with small children and our elderly neighbours lives (some housebound) hell, we are expected to be unpaid hostel staff.........while the owners sit back and rake in the cash on flats that were once council owned and rented out at £300 a month are now more than that a night!

The Grassmarket is looking to change it`s image

and its happening in Glasgow too

and Cardiff has had enough as well