Friday, 29 May 2009

Edinburgh Castle Outdated

In the republic last year, we told you of the council`s plan to re-brand Edinburgh and rename her Murrayburgh. after the architect they have charged with reshaping it

Well as things progress speedily, this week at the Haymarket Public Inquiry, it was suggested that well, castles are a bit old fashioned and de rigeuer of the day for city skylines are hotels and other symbols that scream Fred Goodwin, Mountgrange Capital basically " the age of greed"

The Haymarket Hotel artiste Murphy makes no apologies for changing the skyline.

But if his hotel is anything like his flats for us peasants in the Old Town, it will not be changing the skyline for that today is a day for getting out of town and building some castles on the beach ....perhaps a young Murphy was forever getting his sandcastles knocked down and this is his revenge.....big, bad hotels......The 17 Storey Haymarket Horror Hotel