Monday, 11 May 2009

What now for New Street?

An inner city allotment idea, perhaps a possible part of the temporary solution for New Street see more here

The following piece by Ian Fraser in The Sunday Times 10 May 09 in which he is calling on the council to listen to the community and

"Let imagination grow

Edinburgh city council ought to become more imaginative. Owing to new-found caution at Lloyds Banking Group, there is now a massive hole-in-the-ground in the heart of the old town where Mountgrange had been hoping to erect its hugely unpopular Caltongate development.

According to property experts this is likely to remain a vacant site for at least the next three to four years.

So perhaps councillors should listen to local residents who have suggested that the cleared former bus garage should be turned into an adventure playground and allotments for Edinburgh’s younger generation — at least until administrator Deloitte manages to sell on the site. After all, play is a human right too."

Article here 4th May 09 in Eve News on suggestions for city gap site

Letter here to Evening News 7th May suggesting a playground for site

Below an inner city community playground, ideas from London Here

But of course the ideas for the site are endless, and in the meantime lets get pressure on the council to get tenants back into the cleared flats, has Manish Chande stopped paying the rent?

and lets get people back into the Canongate Venture and the Former veg market back into use. Lets get them maintaining our public spaces and buildings, not allow them to fall into disrepair because Mountgrange used to playing Bingo promised them the jackpot..