Thursday, 7 May 2009

Re-Bridge The Gap Campaign

A new campaign to bring back the connection above from the Old Town to the New Town over Waverley Station was launched this week by a Canongate resident, never stop do we?? Its in the stonework we think.

In the campaign`s words - "Re-Bridge the Gap is a campaign group formed to secure the re-instatement of the important and historic link between the Old Town and Leith Walk. This is a historic link that existed for hundreds of years before British Rail closed it in the mid-1950s. For most of its history, it was the primary route from Edinburgh to Leith in the form of a street outside Edinburgh's eastern boundary called Leith Wynd. Due to the City Improvement Act of 1867, Leith Wynd was replaced with Cranston Street, which at the time ran all the way from the top of the Canongate to Calton Road. During the redevelopment of Waverley Station in the 1890s, objections to closing the northern section were so strong that Parliament required a pedestrian route be created and maintained by the railway company, to ensure the link between the Old Town and Calton Road was not lost. To satisfy this legal requirement, a footbridge was built from Jeffrey Street, across the roof of Waverley Station, to Calton Road."

See more and take action before the 15th of May at the campaign`s website here

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