Saturday, 9 February 2008

Black spot for Caltongate

Edinburgh Evening News reports here that David black, the founder of the Old Town Association has written to the European Commission about potential breaches in legislation and the Treaty of Rome (1957) about anti-competiveness and the selling off of common good land.

Good on David Black. We have to use every piece of noddle we have to stop this monstrosity. We understand that some people might think we are being trapped in the past or old fashioned fuddy duddies but that really is not the case. The Canongate means a lot to the Independent Republic of the Canongate and we only want the best for it - we have to leave it to future generations and we can't leave a complex that will look tatty and out of place because Alan Murray and his like thought glass, blonde stone, steel, copper and the rest was what the Old Town needed because the rest of it was old-fashioned.

We want a development but we want the right development so we must fight on. Join us in Saving Our Old Town.

The AGM for the Canongate Community Forum is on Tuesday 19th February and the SOOT meeting will follow in deciding "What Next". The meeting will be from 7 at Old St Paul's Church in Jeffrey Street.