Tuesday, 19 February 2008

SOOT Meeting Tonight Tues 19th Feb 7.30pm

Above are Lily and Max who live in the Canongate. What is their future? Are they the last children in the Old Town? Are they to be replaced by 5 star hotel guests? Is there no room in Scotland`s capital for a growing generation? Will there be no one in 20 years who has had a childhood in our capital`s historic core? Is this what the developers, council and architects want? Perhaps it is, no one who cares about the environment, no stewards of the future. Do we wish our capital to go the way of Manchester and Leeds? A no gone zone for families and the elderly? Only a free for all, for clone town architecture, nightclubs, cafe culture and hop on hop off tourist buses. Sad tours around what could have been a thriving living capital in a country proud of its people and history.

Come and get involved tonight at the follow up meeting on the councils misguided decision to pass the Caltongate Plans on the 6th February. The Canongate Community Forum has been awarded
SCARF funding for community research. Become a member and help shape a sustainable future for the capitals heart. You do not need to live in the Old Town, only have a love and concern for it. We now have premises for a Drop-IN Ideas Shop on St Marys St, just off the Canongate.

The CCF`s AGM will run from 7pm till 7.30pm. Then the SOOT meeting and SCARF planning will run until 9pm.

Meeting at Old Saint Pauls Church Hall, Jeffrey Street see