Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Dracula Speaks

This has to be read in the style of Dracula(for it to work....(sorry we have had a long and emotional day, you will have to indulge us).
"Today I feasted on the people of Edinburgh ha ha ha ha ha........I have sucked the blood from the community, from the council housing, the heritage.......ha ha ha ha Van Hesling could not fight me, for with my £300 million I am safe to demolish any building I want......I can have what I want........I don't have to show my bank balance.... the councillors fell for my evil but simple plan....ha ha ha ha
As a Tory it was easy.......I brought my friend Igor, you will know him in his disguise of Malcolm Cooper with me from Englandshire... he told me - "Lord of Darkness do not worry I will get through your application , with my job in Scottish Heritage, I will just tell these fools there is economic justification, they are greedy they will fall for it" And that is was my little friend ,Igor did.... ha ha ha.... my other Tory friends Joanna Mowatt and Cameron Rose they fought so gallantly for me, my heart (if I had one) beated with pride"
The fools, the Planning Committee fell under my spell, they did not consider the whinges from the community or these know-it-all heritage groups as my money spoke...... threee hundred millliiiiooonnnnn pounds can buy you what you like ha ha ha ha ha ha.
My friends from the night, from the Planning Department bored them sooooo much they could not tell they were being sold a folly that bring me millions.........ha ha ha ha ha
I am sure the minions from the Independent Republic of the Canongate will be on tomorrow to tell you the decision was not democratic, the councillors were fools.......but these people are no-ones and they don't understand that profits must come before people.....ha ha ha ha ha ha