Sunday, 3 February 2008


3 days to go

On Wednesday the council is going to vote whether to STOP THE DEMOLITION or not of this building, a listed building. Historic Scotland believes there is economic justification to demolish it. The Canongate venture is used by small businesses and in a previous life was the Canongate Primary School. As you can see it's in good order, there is no decay to the building and it looks nice - it's only crime is to be on the land that Mountgrange want to build it's conference centre on!

Cheif Inspector Malcolm Cooper from Historic Scotland (he's an archeologist, just for your information) is well known to be good friends with Mountgrange's Manish Chande. Malcolm Cooper has already got through the shopping mall in Exeter which Manish Chande was involved in and profited from. Mr Chande comes up to Scotland and Malcolm Cooper follows him. Historic Scotland is meant to protect Scotland's heritage not to promote it to be "bought and sold for rich man's gold".

Come to the deputation on Wenesday 6th February - protest from 9 am outside City Chambers