Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Battle for Edinburgh`s Heart

27 days to go....
Well I wasn`t surprised to read Todayspiece in the Evening News. I wrote to them yesterday to ask them to apologise for printing incorrect information and to do an article explaining that the "new" application still involves the full demolition of the tenements. This PR tactic by Mountgrange is to fool people into believing that they have listened to their concerns, and they have made changes. In fact they have just pulled out plan B that they probably had all along, which is just like Plan A.

This has made me think of how from day one this developer has been trying all sorts to get his way.

Here he is Caltongate Developer Manish Chande pulling a "Bravemoo" Coo through Princes Street Gardens on the 14th March 2006(
Common Good Land belonging to the folk of Edinburgh)

As the major sponsor of Edinburgh`s Cow Parade in 2006
Evenewsarticle Mountgrange had dozens of fibreglasss cows all over the city with Moungrange branded on them.

A Canongate resident wrote the following in response a few days later to the EveningNews Letter page -

Fight on his hands WHAT a laugh. Manish Chande, the chief executive of the Canongate's most hated company with a sabre under his arm pulling a braveheart coo (News, March 14). Well, he'll need his brave heart and his sabre when he comes head to head with the people of the Canongate. The Mountgrange Group wants to rip the heart out of Canongate - but we'll take our 'coo' from William Wallace et al. As long as there are a hundred of us left in the Canongate they'll no be demolishing our homes and listed buildings to build their fancy monstrosities.