Saturday, 19 January 2008

Edinburgh's Carbunkles - will Caltongate be one?

17 days to go

Edinburgh has it's fair share of concrete carbunkles here

Will the Caltongate scheme be one too? Argyle House at the West Port is to go, a monstrous building that was a concrete Le Carbouseir nightmare here. This building was only built in the 60s and 40 years later it has to go. Why? Because it is horrible, not fitting and no-one wants to work there, like many buildings of the 1960s that were built in Edinburgh with concrete replacing the traditional stone buildings they have to go!

It's worth pointing out though that the Macrae tenements were built 70 years ago, Sailor's Ark 80 years ago and the Canongate Venture over a century ago. Buildings made of stone, built to last but they don't generate profits any more so big business and the council thinks it's OK to destroy them to replace them what with? More concrete, steel and glass! here