Sunday, 20 January 2008

Old Town not Clone Town

16 days to go until Caltongate Plans go before Council Planning Committee on the 6th Feb `08

Will we be seeing an advertisement like this soon in the Edinburgh World Heritage Site?

After all, as Caltongate Developer has told us "Caltongate is a once in a generation opportunity" In many people`s eyes Caltongate would be something this generation would pass on with heads hanging in shame. But like the buildings in yesterday`s post it would only last a couple of generations before being knocked down and replaced.

Caltongates` main architect Allan Murray has now taken his vision of glass and concrete to Glasgow`s Merchant City see HeraldArticle. See what Architects over in Glasgow think here

Read clonetownthefightback about how communities are fighting back against this blanding of their town and cities by architects like Murray, developers like Mountgrange and councils who seem to can`t get enough of this anywhere architecture as economically they love it!

Of course getting the right PR team is crucial and you need one with a motto like Mountgrange`s choice of team to get Caltongate through...

"Call PPS if need to undertake community consultation or if you feel your scheme may run into political or community opposition." hotlinehere

See some of those who are up currently against this infamous pr outfit

JerichoBoatyardOxford Council rejected plans Dec 07, but developers have lodged an appeal



Lets continue to fight for the best for Edinburgh, come The Stop The Demolitions Meeting which is to take place on Wednesday 30th January in Old Saint Pauls Church Hall, Jeffrey Street see mapanddirections Teas, coffees, information stall from 7pm, meeting starts 7.30pm read about the very busy successful lastmeeting