Friday, 25 January 2008

Donald Anderson Speaks

New labour, New Money. Donald Anderson until 2006 was the Leader of the Labour run council in Edinburgh. He resigned from being the leader so he could concentrate on his ambition to be an MSP in the Scottish Parliament. Luckily the people of South Edinburgh are not totally bonkers and did not elect him. (We really should be thankful for small mercies).

Donald Anderson took his reduncancy money then set up a PR company based in the Canongate called Anderson Strategy or something as daft. It lasted only a few months before he wrapped it up to become wait for it ..................... the Director of PPS - evil PR company for Mountgrange check out what Channel 4 Dispatches had to say about them here.

The man is a total charlaton - the Labour Party, Mountgrange, Historic Scotland, the council officails and even the Edinburgh's Local paper the Evening Snooze are all in cahoots. Today's article in the Evening Snooze announces that the objectors - that's us - are defeated but doesn't even ask SOOT or anyone for a comment. Alan Roden the journalist was seen in Starbucks with Donald Anderson on Tuesday - getting the article written for him no doubt.

Well the Great Darth Anderson spoke today about the dark side's triumph