Friday, 18 January 2008

Macrae Tenements

18 days to go

Just so people know what we are talking about - the Macrae tenements were tenements built by the city architect Ebennezer Macrae in the 1930s here - his buildings are all over Edinburgh and give Edinburgh the feel it has today, because they are common buildings they are not listed buildings. Ebenezzer Macrae was responsible for the design and building of the Corn Exchange and Slaughter Market at Chesser (next to Asda) - building Hutchison, Stenhouse, Prestonfield housing schemes - the better council housing that is more desired and nearly eighty years old. He renovated and designed many of the schools of Edinburgh - the ones that didn't get knocked down i.e. the 1960s ones.

And in the 1930s the Old Town was a very poor area with very poor housing - he was responsible for the building and design of the tenements now to be gutted, tenements in Candlemaker Row, the Cowgate, Grassmarket indeed all over the Old Town and Pleasance.

We don't want to be sentimental but Macrae's vision was for all workers, young and old to have decent housing, his buildings were built for the people not as facades for 5 * hotels.

Photos of the Macrae Tenements to be demolished and gutted can be found here