Monday, 28 January 2008

Saving Edinburgh

9 days to go before Craltongate goes before planning committee

The Royal Mile looking down towards the Canongate by Richard Demarco.

His fears about Edinburgh losing its world Heritage Status if Caltongate was to go ahead, were aired here in a recent
HeraldArticle His views on the UNESCO designation here from2002 where he says

"As the 21st century begins, one thing is certain – Edinburgh does not need a Disneyland, a city of make-believe. Edinburgh, when seen as capital of a magical land, is the real thing; Camelot under the light of common day. "

Ron Hewitt chief executive of Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce
said this today in the
TheScotsman "If we want a developing city that lives with the times, whilst caring for its citizens and workers and respecting its historical legacy, then we need to welcome organisations with the willingness and resources to invest in it." This is the same man who in this Article
" Hewitt moved house an astonishing 28 times in 30 years. " "I'd been working, waking up at 5.30am and getting home late for 30 years. I've got a family but they grew up with, much of the time, me not seeing them. I do regret that"
So this man knows all about what its like putting roots down, being involved in your local community and caring about your local environment.

Meanwhile in todays EveNews they have reported that Jim Lowrie the current planning leader of council is under investigation by the Standards Commission, see yesterdays post for more on this.

Remember come and make your voice heard at Wednesdays Stop The Demolitions Meeting in Old saint Pauls Church Hall, Jeffrey St. Doors open 7pm meeting starts 7.30pm mapanddirections

To mark Legos` 50th Birthday Allan Murray architects knocked up this Nightmare Vision called Caltongate, which if built wouldn`t even reach its 40th birthday. Spot what is real, what has been obliterated and if at all anything you can see that would stop World Heritage Status being withdrawn?