Monday, 7 January 2008

If it wasn`t for those pesky protestors!

Its a pity we couldn`t just flatten Edinburgh and make as much money as we can building hotels, multiplexes, luxury hen houses...its such a pain having so much history, beautiful architecture and concerned residents...basically the flavour of todays article which is a BOO HOO...plea from the Chamber of Commerce on behalf of their Property Portfolio Group manger Manish Chande the developer behind Caltongate.

Call for planning shake-up as Capital tops the protest table

Nimby - The word was first recorded in 1980, but for a British audience it was the late Nicholas Ridley, an arch Thatcher-loyalist, who brought it to wider usage, in the late 80s. As environment secretary, Ridley had no fear in appearing abrasive. He was, after all, the man in charge of the poll tax.